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  • **All Other Meeting Venues Are Temporarily Closed**

    Open Meeting Venues

    Mon 1 pm - East Hartford: phone only 605-313-5109, PIN 446468
    Mon 5 pm - Manchester: phone only 425-436-6325, PIN 589476
    Mon 6:45 pm - Middletown: phone only 425-436-6321, PIN 375893
    Mon 7 pm - Avon: virtual only via Zoom, Mtg ID 979 609 958
    Tues 7 pm - New Britain: virtual only via Zoom, Mtg ID 545 005 0527
    Wed 10 am - East Hartford: phone only 605-313-5109, PIN 446468
    Wed 7 pm - Thomaston
    Thurs 6 pm - West Hartford: virtual only via Zoom, Mtg ID 155 015 821
    Thurs 7 pm - New Britain: virtual only via Zoom, Mtg ID 545 005 0527
    Thurs 7 pm - Collinsville: phone only 712-770-5505, PIN 185 191 468
    Fri 10 am - New Hartford: virtual only via Zoom, Mtg ID 854 923 609
    Sat 9 am - Torrington: phone only 425-436-6347, PIN 219521#
    Sat 9:30 am - West Hartford: phone only 712-770-4929, PIN 360800#
    Sat 10 am - Rockville: phone only 425-436-6319, PIN 212102#
    Sat 10 am - Willimantic: phone only 425-436-6328, PIN 543610#
    Sun 7 pm - Unionville: virtual only via Zoom, Mtg ID 728 653 3750

  • 2 newly formed meetings!

    Thursday 7 PM Meeting - Topic Varies
    Sharon Hospital
    50 Hospital Hill Rd, Basement Level Cafeteria
    Sharon, CT 06069

    Friday 10 AM Meeting - Big Book
    Iron Horse Strength & Fitness
    37 Greenwoods Rd
    New Hartford, CT 06057

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  • Connecticut Intergroup
    Speaker Bank Signup Flyer

    Connecticut Intergroup announces the establishment of a SPEAKER BANK to help connect speakers and meetings looking for speakers. OA members with 60 days of abstinence and willing to qualify, or speak on OA subjects such as Big Book or Steps are needed.

  • Connecticut Intergroup
    Quick Steps

    Description: Quick steps covers all twelve steps over a five week period Join us (limited to six participants)


    More info/To register:
    Sharon K. at 860 770-1557 or

Welcome to Connecticut Intergroup

Overeaters Anonymous is a Fellowship of individuals who, through shared experience, strength and hope, are recovering from compulsive overeating. We welcome everyone who wants to stop eating compulsively.

There are no dues or fees for members; we are self-supporting through our own contributions, neither soliciting nor accepting outside donations. OA is not affiliated with any public or private organization, political movement, ideology or religious doctrine; we take no position on outside issues.

Our primary purpose is to abstain from compulsive eating and compulsive food behaviors and to carry the message of recovery through the Twelve Steps of OA to those who still suffer.
To be added or removed from the Friends of Intergroup distribution list, send an email to
For OA information call or write:
(860) 840-2475
Connecticut OA Intergroup
PO Box 331472
West Hartford, CT. 06133

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