Fifteen-week study of OA’s 12 Steps to be held on Zoom

Connecticut Intergroup
Journey Through the Steps

What: Fifteen-week study of OA’s 12 Steps to be held on Zoom
When: Sundays, 4:00 – 6:00 pm EST; January 8 – April 30, 2023 (no meeting April 2 and 9)
Description: This 15-week Step study is for OA members desiring to work or rework the 12
Steps. It will be based on the OA 12&12, the Big Book, and the AA 12&12. You will need all 3
books. The meeting is for OA members only but is not a registered OA meeting because there
are requirements for participation and because it will be closed to new entrants once the program
has begun. The Step Study is free. Meeting structure: The first hour will be a review of your
assigned writings and discussion of the Step covered the previous week. In the second hour we
will begin the next Step. The last week of the 15 will include sponsor training.
Requirements For Participation

  1. Have a sponsor. They will be needed to take your Step 5 and review your Step 9.
  2. Have a plan-of-eating, as you and your sponsor define it. If you do not have a well-defined
    POE, or would like to tighten your current POE, we encourage you to complete the 3-column
    food inventory before you begin. We will be doing this exercise in Step 1. If you need a copy
    of the food inventory instructions, email Don.
  3. Be abstinent, and stay abstinent during the class, as you and your sponsor define it.
  4. Complete all reading and writing assignments during the study. There will lots of sharing and
    discussion and calls to each other. You will be expected to participate.
  5. You will need zoom, not a telephone connection to the meeting.
  6. Maintain consistent attendance; missing 3 consecutive meetings assumes withdrawal.
  7. Sessions start promptly at 4:00, so come a few minutes early.
  8. There will be a lot of handouts (200+ pages) emailed to you during the 15 weeks. including
    each week’s homework.
  9. If you have not memorized the 12 steps you will need to before the end of the 15 weeks.
    Location: All meetings will be via zoom, no matter the status of face-to-face meetings.
    Facilitator: Don C. 603-305-0684;
    Sign-Up: To sign up send following information to Don C. at
    1) Full name; 4) Do you attend CT meetings? Yes or no.
    2) Phone (cell); 5) Have you previously attended? Yes or no.
    3) Email
    Don will confirm your registration when it is received, and in mid-December let you know if you
    are in the final group. 25 people maximum. First preference to members who attend Connecticut
    meetings and who have not previously attended. Members from any geography are