What is Connecticut Intergroup (CTIG)?

Overeaters Anonymous is an organization of people who share their personal experience about
recovering from compulsive eating. OA has no headquarters with orders flowing downward
from somewhere above us. Local members decide what they want to do in their meetings, and
members from multiple meetings join together in an “intergroup” to take care of tasks and plan
activities that involve multiple meetings.

Intergroups are service boards directly responsible to the local groups they serve. Connecticut
Intergroup exists because there are many things that groups working together can do more
efficiently than individual groups working alone, for example, organizing training workshops or
conducting public information campaigns.

What does CTIG do?

CTIG has a 3-year Strategic Plan that provides the framework for yearly activities. All activities
in any given year (also known as the Operating Plan) are aimed at accomplishing these strategic
goals. The current strategic plan covering 2022-2025 is:

  1. Help members strengthen their personal recovery.
  2. Increase the number of sponsors.
  3. Increase the number of newcomers.3
  4. Increase the retention of newcomers.
  5. Help those in relapse
  6. Increase outreach activities, especially to healthcare professional.
  7. Inspire people to give more service.
  • Maintains a meeting list within our intergroup area (north and central Connecticut)
  • Organizes workshops and marathons
  • Conducts Big Book Quick Step Studies
  • Conducts a 15-week Step Study
  • Holds newcomer orientations on demand
  • Conducts quarterly sponsor support meetings
  • Maintains a speaker bank
  • Maintains a website (connecticutoa.org)
  • Maintains Facebook and Instagram pages
  • Maintains a mailing address and answers inquiries
  • Publishes a newsletter
  • Maintains a telephone answering service (hot line)
  • Informs the public and local communities about OA
  • Informs healthcare professionals abouts OA
  • Participates in Health fairs
  • Maintains liability insurance for CTIG groups
  • Sends representatives to Region 6 Assembly twice a year
  • Sends delegates to World Service Business
  • Conference y Meets monthly with reps from all meetings
  • Maintains an email distribution list
  • Sends out emails as needed to keep everyone informed
Intergroup Positions
  • Chair
  • Vice Chair
  • Treasurer
  • Recording Secretary
  • Corresponding Secretary
  • Region 6 Reps
  • World Service Business Conference Delegate
  • Committee Chairs

CTIG committees include workshops, public information/professional outreach, newsletter,
website, hotline, speaker bank, literature, step studies. Other committees may be formed for
special projects and then disbanded after the project.

What do Group Reps do?
  • First, attend their OA meeting regularly
  • Attend all intergroup meetings or send an alternate.
  • Bring information on any issues from your group to intergroup
  • Announce intergroup news to your group
  • Participate in group conscience discussions on issues concerning OA as a whole in the CTIG area.
  • Serve on intergroup committees
  • Help organize CTIG events
  • Encourage participation in CTIG events and committees among members of their group

Why do I need to volunteer?

We give back what we have so generously been given. OA promises us a life of sane and happy
usefulness as the result of working the Twelve Steps. Service helps us to fulfill that promise.
Intergroup service offers you the opportunity to:

  • Make a difference
  • Strengthen your recovery
  • Obtain support from others
  • Support and assure the continuance of local OA meetings
  • Help reach those who still suffer
  • Exchange ideas and suggestions
  • Voice concerns
  • Strengthen OA as a whole
  • Learn and practice the 12 Traditions and 12 Concepts of OA service
Is your meeting represented?

Reps from all groups are needed for CTIG to be of the greatest service. Please be sure that every
meeting you attend sends a Representative to monthly Intergroup meetings. Having a group rep
means your group – the group you enjoy going to the most – is connected to all the other groups
in the Intergroup, Region 6 and even the world. If your group has no rep, why not volunteer? The
qualifications are up to the group, but we encourage groups to send people who are abstinent and
working the program since delegates are chosen from among our reps to represent us at Region 6
and World Service where there are abstinence and service requirements.

Visitors are Welcome!

You need not be an elected rep to come to CTIG meetings or to give service through our
committee. Visitors are always welcome!

CTIG Meetings

Intergroup meets virtually (zoom) on the third Monday of every month from 7:00-8:30 pm.
Zoom information is available at the end of our meeting list, which can be found on our website